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About fishyDIY

Trying to give back a fraction of the help we’ve got from Open Sources…

Welcome to the Fisher Family’s DIY site. We are a family of engineers and educators that have benefited greatly from open source material and tutorials over the years. We want to give back and specifically help new people who feel a little intimidated get into tinkering with 3D printing and home automation. Our plan is to post the tools and things we have used and like and upload tutorials aimed at newcomers to DIY.

While we are professionals at work, this isn’t work. So follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Our tutorials are intended for education and fun. There is some risk involved whenever you tinker with electronics and 3D printers melt plastic and can cause fires if left unattended. While not expert we aim to provide tutorials that are better than sketchy:

fishyDIY quality

We’re giving what we post here free from restrictions using the MIT license. Where we’ve borrowed from others we provide links and references in the code or elsewhere. We try to find people who use the same license but sometimes other’s prefer other licenses which may restrict commercial use. If you are making a product you intend to sell make sure you read all the licenses carefully. All the open source licenses allow personal use and generally instruct end users that using open source software implies agreement to not hold the providers liable for any outcome.

Have fun! And if you make something new share it!